I kissed romantic love goodbye.

She asked him, “how can you forget me that fast?”

He replied with a shrug, his cold eyes staring directly at her. “I just… don’t love you anymore. It’s not the same anymore, I love you now as someone who…”

Her eyes started to get wet.

“…who I used to love.”

She felt like punching him, punching him until drops of blood flow from his mouth. But then, she couldn’t even move.

“It was nice seeing you again. I’m sorry I have to go.”

The man of his life walked away, while she stared until the littlest point of his shadow disappear.

Six years ago, she was standing at the same spot, a different girl from the woman she is now, staring at a different boy, with a different feeling as she feels with him.

She didn’t knew that he will be leaving the town. He didn’t knew that she wrote a dozen of poems for him, prayed for him at night, cared for him. And when he left, she cut her beautiful, long hair.

She hoped for the best, given her all.

And yet, she still forget that love had forgotten her a long time ago.—


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