Coming Out

Last month I cut my hair really short. The hairdresser asked me, “do you really want to cut your hair? I’m afraid I’ll be seeing you in That’s My Tomboy (a TV show) tomorrow.” He told this to my mother who asked me when we went home, “are you a tomboy?” “No,” I answered. “Don’t you have a belief of your own? You believe whatever people will say.” I wanted to added, “and if I am a tomboy, what is wrong?” I am not a lesbian. But I don’t think being a lesbo or a gay is a crime or is a immoral thing. I can’t shake off the way my mother looked at me before asking if I am  lesbian. It’s like she can’t accept me if I am one. Sometimes people believe strangers more than their own family. Why should we judge gays and lesbians? They have their own lives. They don’t judge straight people. A short-haired woman isn’t necessarily a lesbian, and a man who wears pink isn’t a gay.  It’s very depressing to prove that people are judgmental. It’s so sad. 


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