Eight Things I …

Eight Things I Learned in My 2o Years

1. You can’t outage some things.
Such as being an Aquaman lover, a loner, or hating a distinct car fragrance. Those are in your genes.
2. Your dreams will change.
Yet some will stay with you. But don’t let them stay with you till you die. Chase them.
3. Don’t give up on something you feel you can work it with still.
It is your instinct talking. Most of the time it talks true.
4. Keep smiling.
It lightens up your mood, plus it prevents wrinkles, I believe.
5. Love and respect your teachers.
They aren’t your parents, yet they spend time and effort to make you a better person.
6. Your education doesn’t give you a right to belittle people.
Because some white-collared men are more respectful than those in positions.
7. Money can’t buy happiness.
In my debut, I remember wishing I’m with someone than having those money and gifts in front of me.
8. Love yourself.
Your worst enemy is the same person you see in the mirror. Don’t you think it’s good if you will befriend him/her?


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