I have no Facebook or Twitter. And yes, I’m still in the know.

Now is my fourth year practicing my annual No Facebook act. Here in the Philippines, April and May are the months without regular school, more known as vacation. I have been deactivating my Facebook during these months because I believe that the sole purpose of Facebook is to be updated in academic assignments and announcements. Now that I have graduated, I’m thinking of deactivating my account for more than two months. I have my cellphone so if anyone wants to contact me, they can still do without FB. Facebook, I believe, much also that it connects people, disorganizes the true value of communication, which is, seeing the other respondent, to be able to touch her, hear her. I did not die during those times I have no Facebook. In fact I had more time to do things which I really need. Also, I deactivated my Twitter account. Having multiple social media accounts makes me think that I am a public entity and I have no privacy anymore.


I have no bad beliefs toward these social media sites but I had been unconventional in believing that personal communication is still the best way to convey our messages.


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