Money-fied Employees Aren’t Happy

There are so many people walking around unhappy because of their jobs, and I don’t want to be a part of them.

I’ve been looking for my first job. It’s quite hard. I am a public relations major but I really want to continue with journalism. 

Yes there is much money in PR than in journalism but I’m searching for happiness, not money. 

Do you know what my dream job is? Receiving a beat in a far place and being the first one to cover a story.

I know, since grade school, that this is my calling. 

I hope I’ll be living my dream job soon.



2 thoughts on “Money-fied Employees Aren’t Happy

  1. I started writing tula when I was in elementary…then added poems when I was in high school…chosen as editor of our school organ while in high school…went on writing and just putting them aside…hired by PAL as a ticketing clerk, then editor of its domestic touristic mag, then as sales account officer, then as administrative manager for phils and guam/sales…left PAL…developed operations manual for companies and organizations…then went back to writing – my original passion. It is not a good paying passion, you are right. My second book on poems, tula and essays did not even take off due to lack of financing, yet. But still I persist…I am much older that you, so my counsel is, go ahead with your passion…I got a poem about that, “Success” posted here, many months before. You will come across it if you will open my “raw” site. I like your style….

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