The Most Powerful Machine

I just finished reading Confessions of A Former Child by Daniel Tomasino. I remember that when I was young, I had these weird and vivid dreams. These includes me rolling down a dark tunnel only to find out a band playing at the bottom, an arena of islands wherein you’ll die if you step into the water, and me almost dying in a plane crash.  

Many of us have abnormal (to some people) shifts when young. Tomasino was convinced he can control the street lights when he was eight. I was convinced that my mom had other baby when I was eight.

These shifts happen because of an event or a re-occurring weakness of one close which results in depletion of our normal behavior. 

Many exhibits various forms of abnormal shifts in different ways. Some find a good therapist like Tomasino, others carry the blurry truth to their age. 


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