Colorful Pens

I have watched in the TV a kid, who does not go to school because of extreme poverty, but is perfectly able in in math. I wanted to help him by buying him books. The generation of today is so much addicted to tablets, laptops and cell phones they do not touch books anymore. It has been proven that using too much technology in the child’s early years promotes poor IQ. To see a child today reading a book uplifts me. It brings a new hope that maybe, some of the next generation would still live in the magical world of books until they grow up. Books are the cradle for advanced learning, for example vocabulary. Books are friends to the lonely souls, a portal to a different world, an ocean of knowledge for everybody who loves reading them.

Photo from: http://www.edudemic.com/books-web-tools/


2 thoughts on “Colorful Pens

  1. I agree with you. I see parents buying all those stuff to their kids, letting them learn through those. When I get kids, I won’t buy them those things unless they earn it. Same thing with clothes and shoes. Only when they really deserve it, I will buy them what they want, only one thing at a time.

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