I Took a Psych Exam. The Results Shook Me.

Yesterday, I took the 16 Personality Types Test. I have taken 4 tests from different websites and I also took one today. The results were the same: I am of an INTJ Personality.

Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judgmental. This type of personality has the smallest portion of the US population, with men having more of this type.

I am a woman, I always thought that I was weird and people doesn’t think the same way as me. So what’s the jest of this eureka?

With this test, I am now, more proud of myself. Everything on this test is accurate for me. I love solidarity (actually hates social gatherings), is intuitive, independent, logical thinker. I am a planner. Everything in my life is planned. I am also silent and detached in nature.

This realization made me more interested in Psychology. Actually, I’m planning to make Psychology as my second Bachelor’s Degree.

I am encouraging everyone of you to take this personality test in order to know yourself more.


2 thoughts on “I Took a Psych Exam. The Results Shook Me.

  1. I’ve always been fascinated with this personality test. It’s supposedly the most accurate psychological test. But at the smae time, I’m not completely certain about that. I’m an INTP and although some parts of the personality profile describe me pretty well…others don’t. For example, I like to think I’m emotionally mature.

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