5 Things

I just want to share with you five realizations I made in my life of 20 years. I have been battling depression for a long time but time and myself have mended me. In time too, everyone of us will realize these things:

1. No one really knows what tomorrow brings.

Yes. No one. So don’t dare to think that your life will be the same as ever. No it will not. You can win the lottery tomorrow, get kick out in your job or grow white hair. Nobody really knows.

2. Be careful what you wish for.

What we really want in life is sometimes, not what we need. Or not helping us to who we really needed to be.

3. The dawn is always ardent.

Don’t lose hope. I’m saying this for myself too. As I said in my previous post, if it shall happen, it shall pass.

4. You aren’t living for the people around you.

So it isn’t your job to live your parents’ dreams.

5. Build strong walls.

Learn to depend only in yourself in an early stage. The world will disappoint you when you realize that you’re alone when you needed somebody the most.

So that’s it! 🙂


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