First Time Felt So Good

I grew up wanting more. I grew up selfish. We were never rich. There were days when we would eat dried fishes for dinner; we never afford to study in private schools; we never explored other places because we don’t have our own car. I remember one time when we were visiting my cousins. My auntie, their mother, bought them a pack of chips. They eat it at that moment. We were three siblings. If we had that chips it should be divided into three and stay in the fridge until the next pay day. If we don’t, if I don’t, my mother would spank me. Again. She would again tell me how  gluttony am I. But today, I don’t feel poor at all. For the first time, I had bought a pack of Cadbury for myself today. The result of having my own job. I wish that I can share this bar to the younger me. I wish I can buy her all the food she wants. She can have it all now and nobody would call her names again.


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