That One Misused Word

Jam of the Youtube sensation Jamich lost his fight to Cancer last week. After endless smiles and memories, they didn’t make it to forever.

But what’s really forever? The love in the after-life? The love of a lifetime?

Filipino youth would question, ‘is there forever?’ And many will answer, ‘no, who do you think you are kidding?’

I believe that ‘forever’ may last for a minute, an hour, a year. Forever for me doesn’t necessarily mean that you will not separate. Forever is a feeling.

Forever is the moment when the one I used to love held my hand. Forever is when the bride says ‘I do’ to his groom. Forever is when a woman cooks dinner for her husband. Forever is the split-second when ex-lovers looked at each other and thought, ‘I can never make it alone.’ Forever is a time when, if we could only stay, we will do.

Mich of Jamich, you shown me, you shown the world, that the love of now’s generation is not superficial at all. You stayed for Jam. You stayed because you love him. And I know that you love him truly.

Thank you Jam and Mich, for showing the world that the youth today is not just tech-savvy alone, selfish in their own ways. You showed the world that forever exists.


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