Accident-prone Area

You wouldn’t know what the next second, minute, morning would bring. No one ever did. You may be the same unhappy employee you are everyday, or you may grow your white hair. You may discover a new dish, or you may meet your old professor while you are cussing at the LRT. You may wake up one day and see that everything has changed. You may wake up one day and feel the sharpest pain in your arms and neck, and you can’t move. You may find your arm twisted. You may cry, because you know that things will change drastically. You will cry because you can’t write for a month. What makes a writer who can’t use her hands?

But after all, after the hot yet chilling nights, you will find a new you. The same as before, yes, but a new you who cherishes every moment, and is capable of welcoming changes that every moment brings.

I never thought that one would miss working, but yes, I do. I want my old life back.

Cherish but be aware of every moment. Life can change in a second.


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