Papa’s Great Lesson

“In which part of the vast heaven is my father?”

I look at the wide and blue sky. I gritted my teeth in order to stop the tears from falling. It was just weeks after my dad has died.

My nephew said that he saw Papa smiling in our terrace. I don’t believe that spirits dwell in earth. I believe they go home with God.

But this note is not about God, heaven, the afterlife or the forgiveness of sins. This is about how I realized that life is so short you need to enjoy it now.

One day you’ll realize you’re dead and you can’t touch a flower, walk your dog, or hug a family member.

I encountered an accident last year which left me immovable for months. I realized that the small things in our everyday life such as putting a spoon in your mouth and writing on your notebook are great wonders already.

Going back, there have been many theories about what happen when we die. But who really knows the truth? Nobody has ever been dead for a month then came back living.

And because life can change or end in a minute, or a second, leave no stones unturned. If you’re eyeing to enrol in that music class or planning to get that arm tattoo, go for it.

Do it. This life is yours to make. Other people tend to say bad because they can’t be happy for themselves.

My Papa has taught me many life lessons, but this one is his last: Live today for yourself. Not in a selfish manner though, but just live and enjoy because this IS your life. For everything has its own time, and no man could guess when his time would end.

As they say, ‘you only live once. And if you do it right, once is enough.’

PS. I miss you, Papa. I look forward to the time when I’ll see you again.


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