Duterte and the Mainstream Filipino

The Philippines is halting to a change.

Pres. Duterte is the new face of an era willing to die for a change.

I hope the health sector improves, as well as the judiciary and law in the country.

I hope that somehow illegal drugs and corruption can be tamed.

The Filipinos are willing to help in the method of Duterte’s promised change, only if the latter’s subordinates will never turn back and aid in corruption.

On a side note, however, many seem to forgot that it was also the majority of the Filipinos who voted for previous Pres. Aquino right after the death of her ‘nationalistic’ mother. They have urged him to run in the office.

The campaign was mainstream. Just like Duterte’s. Filipinos by then were swoon by the death of a soon-to-be-hero-must-have-been-saint Cory Aquino.

They are the same people who now despise Aquino and his works.

Let us see if this will happen with Duterte too.

But for now, the Filipinos should contribute to the promised change of their chosen president.


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