Don’t Go, Please Stay

I died last night.

In my dreams, we were together. We’re not talking, we barely used to, but I saw your eyes, your smile, I saw how you move- those movements, that smile, those eyes which I love(d). 

It felt so real and I knew it would not happen, so that dream became a nightmare. Six years later after I fell in love with you, and you were just ‘amazed’ of me, whenever I dream of you, it became so hard to imagine, so painful, that I feel I’m dying.

I, for the nth time, told myself to stop thinking of you. To spare my dreams with what I think about you.

For maybe, one time, I will not wake up anymore.


Love Never Made A Sound

I’ve read somewhere that hate is not the reciprocal of love; it is indifference.

Indifference is the name of the once ‘unknown’ feeling you have for me when we fell apart;

Indifference is the answer to the question which never leave my mind;

Indifference is what I feel to the boy who broke my heart in the valentine’s day of 2007;

Indifference is the absence of love, affection,

The absence of what we deemed a lifetime,

The absence of faith for love that I once lost but I tried to regain,

The love that never will forever hold my hand;

Though it’s the love of my lifetime, I’m certain.