A Fragment of My Personality


I Took a Psych Exam. The Results Shook Me.

Yesterday, I took the 16 Personality Types Test. I have taken 4 tests from different websites and I also took one today. The results were the same: I am of an INTJ Personality.

Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking and Judgmental. This type of personality has the smallest portion of the US population, with men having more of this type.

I am a woman, I always thought that I was weird and people doesn’t think the same way as me. So what’s the jest of this eureka?

With this test, I am now, more proud of myself. Everything on this test is accurate for me. I love solidarity (actually hates social gatherings), is intuitive, independent, logical thinker. I am a planner. Everything in my life is planned. I am also silent and detached in nature.

This realization made me more interested in Psychology. Actually, I’m planning to make Psychology as my second Bachelor’s Degree.

I am encouraging everyone of you to take this personality test in order to know yourself more.