Zambales: Ocean with Black Sand

Here are some pictures when I visited Zambales, Philippines. Zambales is about five hours drive from Manila. The province, located in Central Luzon, is known as the “Wreck Diving Capital of the Philippines”. A storm was in the vicinity when we went to Zambales which resulted to higher waves and more powerful winds. Nevertheless, the ocean is both terrifying and beautiful, with black beach surrounding it.

Deism Diesm

And when I prayed for justice

But all you did was to ignore my cries

And kill me every day inside

I realized what kind of God you are 

Impersonal,  uncaring one

I assume to had overlook your character

Over the years

For maybe I’m just a bad child full of longing. 

Now I’m nauseated even with the thought of church, 

Now I don’t pray anymore . 

You are a kind of entity who does not care, 

But wants your creations to follow your rules. 

You’re that kind of God.

Duterte and the Mainstream Filipino

The Philippines is halting to a change.

Pres. Duterte is the new face of an era willing to die for a change.

I hope the health sector improves, as well as the judiciary and law in the country.

I hope that somehow illegal drugs and corruption can be tamed.

The Filipinos are willing to help in the method of Duterte’s promised change, only if the latter’s subordinates will never turn back and aid in corruption.

On a side note, however, many seem to forgot that it was also the majority of the Filipinos who voted for previous Pres. Aquino right after the death of her ‘nationalistic’ mother. They have urged him to run in the office.

The campaign was mainstream. Just like Duterte’s. Filipinos by then were swoon by the death of a soon-to-be-hero-must-have-been-saint Cory Aquino.

They are the same people who now despise Aquino and his works.

Let us see if this will happen with Duterte too.

But for now, the Filipinos should contribute to the promised change of their chosen president.


Women are gods gift to earth
Her touch and her heart
Nurtures the soul
She is resilient amidst the storms
She is gentle and intelligent
She is beautiful and strong.
I thank god for women
I thank god for making me one
How beautiful this world is with men
But it is more beautiful with women
With their most beautiful hearts.

Thank you.

I, on behalf of the Filipino people, would like to thank His Holiness Pope Francis for visiting the Philippines. I believe that it is not about religion, I no longer believe in gods made of glasses or stones. I believe that Pope Francis has given my countrymen, especially those who are struck by typhoon, that there is still hope. That there is still someone out there that thinks of them and is willing to travel thousand miles just to see them. And with that, we thank you Pope Francis. May God the Creator of the whole universe bless you.

I Try to Learn A New Thing Everyday. This One’s I Learned Today

This day has been my first time to learn about electronic education. I am not really familiar with it and I am happy to know that it is available here in the Philippines. It is a promising avenue of learning and additional degree as well. Renowned schools such as Ateneo de Manila University and Dela Salle University are offering this kind of courses. Such courses include digital marketing, PR, and many more. For just a couple of bucks you can earn additional perspectives and education to ladder up your career.