Zambales: Ocean with Black Sand

Here are some pictures when I visited Zambales, Philippines. Zambales is about five hours drive from Manila. The province, located in Central Luzon, is known as the “Wreck Diving Capital of the Philippines”. A storm was in the vicinity when we went to Zambales which resulted to higher waves and more powerful winds. Nevertheless, the ocean is both terrifying and beautiful, with black beach surrounding it.


Home of Pristine Beaches

Home of Pristine Beaches

Quezon Province, Philippines. If you have been in Boracay, Baguio or Palawan, and searching for a new and beautiful (understatement) place to visit in the Pearl of the Orient, Quezon is the place to go. Just a couple of hours away from Manila. Quezon has majestic scenes, fresh air, and beaches. I have been here in early 2014 and I am planning to come back soon again.